is not resting, is not tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk, is not pining for the fjords, has ceased to be!

Actually, that last bit is not quite true or you wouldn't be able to see this.

For now, we remain closed but big thanks to all our Users over the years for the laughs, the uploads, and especially the arguments!
Special thanks to the Admins - their help while setting up, then running, the site/forum was amazing - what we achieved would not have been possible without them.
I suppose I should also mention some others, so thanks for the email complaints, the legal threats, and the hacking attempts - they were fun and provided us with even more laughs.

Will Brillyunt ever be back?
Maybe, maybe not, but if it ever does happen it will probably be in a different format.
(We mibby set up the wiki again sometime)


Get it up yees ya fuds!